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A Wise Choice Landscaping

Professional affordable Landscaping.

01353 698329 - 07761648692 - 07471654840 - [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

  • A Wise Choice Landscaping offer free no obligation quotations. Upon working out the cost of our services to you, we send the quotation on our headed paper with written specifics of the work all parties have agreed. All prices quoted are inclusive of materials, equipment and labour, as well as any other costs.
  • The price offered in your quotation shall not alter, unless extras are required by you, the client, beyond the date of the original quotation, we, A Wise Choice Landscaping will then provide a further written quotation listing the extras and additional costs. Furthermore, should you wish to change materials to those that are more expensive we will need to charge accordingly to you, the client.
  • Quotations are valid for 3 months from the date offered to you, the client. Prices will only change should there be an inflation on materials in that time scale, which you, the client, shall be advised of prior to work commencing.
  • Should you, the client, change your mind on materials after materials are agreed and ordered, you will be liable to pay for these materials in full.
  • Prices offered are fixed, regardless of time scale Should we over run, or encounter delays we do not add further costs to your bill, unless extras have been added causing an extra work load which will be discussed with you, the client. furthermore, we do not offer discounts on work that is finished ahead of schedule. All our work is completed by one of the two proprietors and therefore high standards of work are completed with 100 % of our work at all times, on the exception of sec 2.8, which we take no responsibility for, where necessary.

Starting work and deposits

  • We, A Wise Choice Landscaping, always prioritise our projects according to a first come first served basis, therefore we advise you book with us as soon as possible.

2.1 Furthermore, we, A Wise Choice Landscaping, take pride in our time keeping, however, due to unforeseen circumstances that can arise, this can lead to slight delays on workloads. If this should happen we will always advise you, the client, as soon as reasonably possible.

2.2 If we finish a project earlier than expected or if we have a cancelation, we will inform you, the client, to offer you the earlier availability. Should you wish not to accept then that available space will be offered to another client waiting.

2.3 We, A Wise Choice Landscaping, do require a deposit on all projects, the deposit will depend on the work we are carrying out for you, the client, and the time scale it will take this is usually 40% of the total cost of the project. Deposits are only taken once work has commenced, by the end of the first working day. This enables peace of mind for both parties.

2.4 Further deposits maybe required if a project is to be expected to take longer than 2 weeks or a new quotation as been written due to extras or unexpected issues, through no fault of our own.

2.5 Deposits are discussed and agreed before any work commences.

2.6 Full payment is to be made on the day of completion. We do not operate a 30 days payment period, due to being a small family run business.

2.7 If deposits are withheld work shall cease immediately until the money agreed has been released. If full payment is not received or withheld, after completion of the work, we have the legal right to recover materials and/or seek legal action and add interest accordingly.

2.8 On occasions, where required, we hire a sub-contractor in, to convenience you, the client, with work that is out of professional ability. We, A Wise Choice Landscaping, are responsible for making payments to them, for the work they carry out, however their fees are to be calculated in our quotations. We, A Wise Choice Landscaping, take no responsibility for extras cost or their delays or cancellation. If they should cancel, we will do our utmost to try and provide an alternative in replacement. It is your, the clients, prerogative to hire in your own professional instead, if you would prefer.

Both parties’ responsibilities

  • It is you, the clients, responsibility to obtain any planning permission, should it be required. Furthermore, it is your, the clients, responsibility to make us aware of hazards within the garden or property, eg: Electrical wires, drainage, fuel pipes etc.. where possible. It is you, the clients, responsibility to make us, A Wise Choice landscaping, aware of boundaries and land ownership prior to work commencing. We, A Wise Choice Landscaping, accept no responsibility of any of the above mentioned if none have been made aware to us after completion of work.
  • It, is our, A Wise Choice Landscaping, responsibility to take reasonable care not to touch electric cables, pipes etc, however we accept no responsibility if this should happen by unexpectedly, where the position of such hazards are no made aware to us.
  • It is A Wise Choice Landscaping’s responsibility to complete and undertake any work or project to the highest standard, in a friendly and professional manner at all times. It is our responsibility to ensure that any concerns or issues are dealt with in a mutual and professional manner.
  • It is A Wise Choice Landscaping’s responsibility to keep public liability insurance up to date and provide the certificate, if requested. It is the clients, and publics responsibility to ensure that they act in a safe manner, furthermore, whilst it is our responsibility to protect your property and the general public, A Wise Choice Landscaping will not be liable for any faults or damages which are result of the yours, the client, or the publics own negligence, misinformation or misuse.

Both parties’ rights.

4. All our information and work maybe subject to copyright, it is a breach of contract if our information or pictures are used or passed on for advertising or competition purposes.

4.1 We, A Wise Choice landscaping, pride ourselves on client confidentiality, therefore, your, the clients’, information is never passed on to companies or third parties and only used for ordering materials or for our own personal use. We keep records of all our customers in a secure manner, and this information is strictly for us, Kirsty and Lee Wiseman, The proprietors. No other persons have access to this information.

4.2 It is the responsibility of both parties to discuss start date and time scales, costs and materials before finalising any agreement, as stated in sec 2.4 any alterations by client will involve an alternative quotation and possible further deposits.

Cancellation and delays

5 it is your, the clients, right to cancel the agreement at any time up to 1 week prior to work starting. No charges are applied if you wish to delay the work and provide an mutual start date, however if you, the client, cancel work 1 week or less, prior to work starting we reserve the right to take the deposit agreed.

5.1 We, A Wise Choice Landscaping, reserve the right to delay work as stated in 2.1, with reasonable notice and we must give you, the client, a further reasonable start date.

5.2 We, A Wise Choice Landscaping, reserve the right to cease work with immediate effect, should payments not be paid or if you, client do not agree to a signed or written agreement for extra work requested.

To conclude, contracts can be signed or agreed on our headed paper, or confirmed via email or conformation via text message or phone call. Once the client has accepted and both parties agree then a start time scale will be discussed and agreed, and availability will be reserved, with

a more detailed quotation will be written to lay out the specifics of the work required by us, A Wise Choice Landscaping to you, the client.

For further information of the work and services we provide, you can see a detailed list and pictures on our website: or find us on facebook: a wise choice landscaping in Soham, Cambridgeshire (a link is provided at the bottom of our website).

Contact: A Wise Choice Landscaping, Gadwall Way, Soham, ELY Cambridgeshire, CB7 5GQ

T: 01353968329

M: Lee- 07761648692 Kirsty- 07471654840

Kirsty and Lee Wiseman

* We have experienced technical difficulties in adding our t's and c's, please ask for a copy should you need a more detailed copy, we would be happy to send this to you.

Our website along with its contents are subject to copyright and should not be taken and used for personal gain.